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Conserve household water and save on your water bill. Use a natural resource abundant in Seattle--rainwater Rainwater can be harvested and stored in rain barrels and used for a variety of non-potable needs. Seattle Rain Barrels offers the average household an affordable easy option for rainwater harvesting.

There are no restrictions on rain barrel orders-- you do not need to be a resident of Seattle or any other area to purchase our rain barrels.

Happier Plants:

Water indoor and outdoor plants. Rainwater is more oxygenated and free of chlorine and fluoride additives, which plants do not need or want. Rainwater also lowers the pH of soil, giving plants more access to nutrients.

Green Lawns:
Keep your lawns green and enjoy freedom from water use restrictions during the hot summer months, while saving money.

Other Non-Consumptive Uses:
Use rainwater for cleaning paint brushes, rinsing outdoor tools and equipment, mixing concrete, etc.



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Rain Barrel Features:

  • 55-gallon volume
  • Durable, stout barrels made from high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE)
  • Kid, pet, pest-proof lids
  • Screen filter
  • Overflow connection
  • Spigot

Our rain barrels are originally from Greece! They were used to import pickled peppers and olives. Salvaging these barrels gives them a second life.

To place an order call 206-293-5253 or

Last Updated 09/09/10

Disclaimer: Seattle Rain Barrels does not encourage using rainwater for drinking or other potable uses. In addition, if collecting roof runoff you should take care not to use toxic substances to treat your roof.