Easy steps to installing your rain barrel:

  1. Locate downspout to collect rain from.
  2. Place (leveled) cinder blocks where your rain barrel will sit.  Blocks should be tall
    enough for watering can to fit below spigot.

  3. Place barrel on center of concrete blocks and determine locationto cut existing downspout.
  4. Cut existing downspout with a hacksaw.
  5. Attach a flexible downspout elbow from existing downspout to top of rain barrel.
    Flexible downspouts available for $3.00
    (See Photo Gallery).

  6. Attach a standard hose to the overflow valve and feed it back to your existing drainage system.


  • The overflow connection allows two or more rain barrels to be connected for greater storage capacity.
  • A standard 3/4" garden hose can be connected to both the overflow connection and the main spigot
  • When placing barrel on blocks make sure it does not tip.  A full barrel can be very heavy (Over 300 lbs)