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There are no restrictions on rain barrel orders-- you do not need to be a resident of Seattle or any other area to purchase our rain barrels.

Custom Configurations
The overflow valve can either be on the left, right, or back facing the barrel. Let us know which side works better for your home. The overflow valve can be connected back to the existing storm drain system using a standard 3/4" garden hose.

Custom designs are available. Call and consult with a civil engineer for free!

Our Guarantee
The fittings we use are watertight. If your barrel leaks at first use, we will replace or repair the barrel for free. The higher cost difference between our rain barrels and cheaper ones that you might find is based on this guarantee. The hardware we use (i.e. bulkhead fittings, spigots, overflow connections) are of good quality and are essential features for a durable, long-lasting, leak-free rain barrel.



Unit Price


Individual Rain Barrel (red or black)

Red: 22" Diameter x 34" tall
Black: 22" Diameter x 40" tall
+/- 55 gallon capacity for both red and black barrels

 *Our overflow connection allows individual rain barrels to be easily connected to other individual barrels for greater capacity in the future.



Double Barrel 'Linked Connection'  (red or black)

Dimensions and volume capacity per barrel
are roughly the same as for individual barrels.



18" Flexible Downspout



Cinder Blocks



Watering Can:

  • Plastic
  • Green
  • 2-gal



Watering Can:

  • Galvanized metal
  • Silver
  • 2-gal
  • Ergo handle


*Prices do not include sales tax.
Photo Gallery for larger images.

Payment Options
We currently accept cash or check.

Pickup or Delivery

  • Contact us for pick-up
              Address: 3119 34th South
                               Seattle, WA  98144             

                               (Mount Baker area of Seattle)
                               Phone: 206-293-5253

  • Delivery is available by prior arrangement and free within 5 mile radius. Nominal fee of $1.00 per mile after.
  • Shipping is available via FedX, UPS and Greyhound anywhere in the U.S. Call for quotes.